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Genres: Horror
Actors: Luigi Francis Shorty Rossi , Nova Conners , Samantha Carlson , Shastina Eloff , JoAnna , Gelusa Zaripova , Akira Lane , Bobbi Billard , Derek Santos , Robert Rowland , Leonard Pirkle , Chase Oliver , Kay Demartini , Ryan Click , John Bogert
Director: John Darbonne
Country: United States
Year: 2008
IMDB Rating: 3.4/10 (73 votes)

“ICE SCREAM, the ReMix” is a horror/comedy, about the perverted ice cream shop owner, Ricky, who boost-declining sales by renaming his shop to “Scoopettes”, and markets it as an adult ice cream store. This sleepy town’s ice scream store has started serving a little more than just your typical flavors, dishing out gobs of Virgin Vanilla and Busty Buttercrunch, but wait – what’s that? Eeeeek! There’s an eyeball staring up from the Cherry Vanilla! The five girls, whom Ricky calls “The Scoopettes”, are so hot the ice cream will never stay hard! But everyone leaves with a smile and much, much more! It becomes apparent that someone doesn’t like the success that Ricky is experiencing when one of the Scoopettes is found murdered in the freezer. The killing of the girls continues one at a time and the customers find a little extra in their ice scream! Remember! I Scream, You Scream, We all scream for – ICE SCREAM!

Film Review

This movie started out looking like it would be pretty fun. A sleazy businessman starts up an ice cream parlor with scantily clad servers–kind of like a cross between Dairy Queen and Hooters. One by one they are murdered, and body parts even begin showing up in the ice cream (which has been done before. See: "Ice Cream Man).It is a low budget production with an intentionally campy feel. Other than the guy who owns the parlor, I would say the most memorable performance was by the young guy who seemed to be some kind of assistant. He appeared to be doing an impression of a young Jim Carrey the whole movie. I didn't find it to be very entertaining and started to get very tired of the whole premise even before the halfway point. I would recommend skipping this one, but if you happen to end up seeing it and you enjoyed it, I would recommend you watch Blood Feast 2 and/or Psycho Beach Party.

I would have given this a 0! I would have gone lower if possible. This was filmed with what looks to be a camcorder, and not a great one at that. The acting was… Well look, I'm not even going to dignify this film with a review, it's horrid! It looks like it's been filmed by a group of horny college guys that somehow got some really hot girls to take their tops off and pretend to get killed. I do have to say though there are some nice looking ladies in this "movie", for lack of a better word. If you're looking for a great horror flick to pass the hours, this is NOT it! If you are however, drunk and can't stand up or if you're baked outta your mind chillin on the couch with your face stuck half way in a bag of Doritos, then this ones for you. Otherwise stay away, stay very far away…

This film is some serious low budget horror/comedy. It's set in an adult ice scream store? Where a masked psycho is killing off the girls who work there. (The girls who wear next to nothing) The death scenes are pretty graphic, it's clear to see what they spent most the films money on. The Acting is very poor and is probably the funniest thing in this film. But let's be honest. This doesn't matter as we get the delight of watching Bobbi Billard wearing a bikini for 90 minutes. Oh and of course, the lets spray each other with whipped cream slow motion scene. Which was a particular favourite of mine? This film is a great late night after pub film.